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Why We Do What We Do

Our course is clear.

Our Why


Life Center International is a catalyst for  Renewal, Reformation, and the Advancement of the Kingdom of God in the Spirit of Love.


Developing healthy people who are devoted to Jesus. 

Our Culture

Share Christ

As we do life,  we share Christ.

We share the gospel message through evangelism as we thoughtfully and lovingly engage people for Jesus.   

In The Gospel

Keep things simple.

We teach the Bible. We believe in teaching the scriptures with care and simplicity.

We are committed to enriching the lives of people, helping them to navigate along their journey of faith.  

Empower saints to Go

We want to be  influencers of God's kingdom.

We equip our fellowship by engaging and training adults and students to embrace the Great Commission. We all have been sent to become influencers of God's Kingdom.  

  Building Community

We do life together.

We intend to Inspire those who fellowship with us by creating a warm, friendly culture which promotes healthy relationships. We want to develop a fellowship experience that causes people to feel a true sense of belonging.  

Make Disciples

Become a disciple, then make one.

We believe that a disciple of Jesus is not just someone who learns from him, but someone who takes Jesus’ yoke upon them (Matt 11:29), which includes reproduction. Our fellowship strives to take on that exact mindset.

Lifestyle Worship

We worship God with our lives.

We want to enlarge our view of worship. We are convinced that worship must transcend a mere moment and begin to bleed into every part of our lives. Our view is

that worship is a way of life that truly honors God , and we are determined to live it.  

Reach Out

We Engage.   Relate.   Serve.

We want to endear our community by ensuring people know we're here, and are better off because we're here. We are committed to making a lasting impact in the lives of people.

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